Peter Craig-Cooper

Senior Adviser, Data, Experience and AI

Peter advises clients on both the leadership and transformation that companies need to unlock the opportunities of the future. His experience covers an organisation’s journey from initial digital products and services, through to data and machine learning to the evolution into artificial intelligence.

My story

I have over 20 years’ experience in executive search, including founding and managing two search businesses and placing C-suite and executives into forward thinking companies worldwide – both advanced technology companies and more traditional firms which are looking to harness emerging technologies. I am also the Founder and CEO of a funded technology platform, bringing an AI product to market.

My experience in technology as both a consultant and an operator has given me deep insight into the skills and leadership requirements necessary to develop products and services that enable the journey to automation and intelligence which are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

My focus

Having worked with tech companies for over twenty years, I’ve been at the forefront of helping companies navigate through the impact and opportunities of emerging technology – from the internet through to today’s emerging technologies of D.A.L.I (Data, Analytics, machine Learning and artificial Intelligence).

My focus at Savannah is to work with our clients and advise how they can evolve towards and use artificial intelligence (AI). That journey is frequently an evolution; from digital products and services, which gather Data and Analytics that generate insight, and Machine Learning that ultimately provides the platforms which enable Artificial Intelligence.

I work with Savannah’s partners and clients with access to the information, insights and roadmaps that enable and deliver transformational leadership. And to give clarity and guidance to businesses both large and small who are looking for the talent they need to continue innovating and growing.

My motivation

I’m a self confessed geek and I enjoy using new technologies and data driven insights to help my clients and their businesses navigate through the stages of their evolution; helping them to recognise what to do with the data and how to get value from it, understanding how artificial intelligence is taught and the role of machine learning within that.

 Why I like working with Savannah?

Savannah’s focus and ambition is very much based on organisational transformation and leveraging digital technology to provide clients with unparalleled capability in a changing world of business. It is this cross over and forward thinking approach that led to my interest in Savannah along with working with some of the most well-respected Partners and Researchers in the industry.

Where we work

Global coverage

Our global model ensures that the partner who you have the relationship with, and is best placed to deliver the best results, runs the search from start to end, with the support of local market knowledge where it’s needed.

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