Trudi Lister

Research Associate

Trudi has just begun her career in executive search. She joined Savannah as an intern in July 2018 and was offered a full-time role as a Researcher by September 2018. She will be working with the Global Human Resources and the Travel, Leisure and Hospitality practices, as well as the Digital and Technology Leaders and Interim Management functions.

My story

I graduated in the summer of 2018 from the University of Glasgow with a degree in Literary Studies. Having spent four years studying English Literature, Language and Classics, I went on to start a summer internship with Savannah. It was here that I experienced my first foray into the world of Executive Search. Applying and being accepted into Savannah’s Graduate Programme, I found an amazing opportunity to learn and build my skills across a wide variety of sectors and practices.

My focus

As a Graduate Researcher I am spending my first year of search as a generalist in four separate practices; Human Resources, Hospitality, Travel & Leisure, Interim Management and Digital & Technology Leaders.

My motivation

The appeal I saw in Search was the opportunity to look at an industry or a business from a whole new perspective and gain insights into to the people behind the organisation.

As a newly re-branded company, Savannah is changing the way Executive Search is run and as a result, I get the opportunity to learn and hone my skills in a forward-looking and evolving company.

Why I like working at Savannah

Savannah’s culture is vibrant, friendly and open, being able to learn from both experienced researchers and highly regarded Partners was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on.

Where we work

Global coverage

Our global model ensures that the partner who you have the relationship with, and is best placed to deliver the best results, runs the search from start to end, with the support of local market knowledge where it’s needed.

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