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Executive Assessment and Coaching

Making an informed decision about a candidate requires a deep understanding of their motivations, resilience and leadership potential. We believe that this insight should be delivered impartially, which is why we have partnered with KO consulting to provide tailored, independent executive assessment and coaching services. Their process is underpinned by psychological theory and years of practice-based research into leadership success.

KO Consulting

Assessment and Development Experts

KO Consulting’s team has over twenty years’ cross-sector and function experience of using Executive Assessment and Coaching to align individuals to senior leadership roles. Their Chartered Psychologists are experts in leadership assessment and development, offering a powerful combination of in-depth insight into leadership success, deep psychological expertise and commercial pragmatism. This thorough approach to assessment gives you and other stakeholders the confidence that you are selecting the right candidate and will be able to unlock their maximum potential.


Bringing scientific rigour to the Assessment and Coaching process through hand-picked British Psychological Society recognised psychometrics, backed by strong reliability and validity data. KO Consulting’s Executive Assessment processes provide robust and impartial data and insights to support you in making the right decisions.


KO Consulting works with leaders collaboratively, exploring their psychometric profiles, encouraging reflection on how they operate, and identifying the underlying patterns in their behaviour. Leaders grow in self-awareness through this process – even the most experienced leaders find this a stimulating and engaging process.


As a boutique consultancy, KO Consulting are not aligned to any one methodology, and select a range of best-in-market psychometric tools and approaches to design tailored processes that support your requirements. They understand the importance of relationships and culture, both in terms of leadership success and in how they work with you to meet your needs.

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Our Team

Kate Oliver

Kate Oliver heads up KO Consulting. Kate is a Chartered Business Psychologist with over 25 years’ cross-sector and function experience in leadership and talent assessment and development. She is a fellow of the British Psychological Society and a founder member of the Association for Business Psychology.

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About KO Consulting

Who we are

KO Consulting’s team of Chartered Psychologists all have at least 20 years’ experience in the field of leadership assessment and coaching.  They are accredited in a range of psychometric tools, including Hogan (HPI, HDS, MVPI), OPQ, WAVE, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Lumina, FIRO, EIP (Emotional Intelligence), Leadership Development Profile (LDP), BPS Level A cognitive tools and Cognitive Process Profile (CPP).

KO Consulting

Executive Assessment

KO Consulting’s Executive Assessment services enable you to understand the psychology of the candidate and how this combines with their experience to shape their strengths, weaknesses and potential as a senior leader.  They work with the candidate to gain a deep insight into their:

  • Style and agility in operating as a leader
  • Level of self-awareness and resilience to thrive in more turbulent times
  • Drives and motivations
  • Likely fit with the culture of the hiring organisation
  • Prospects for working relationships with the hiring manager and rest of the executive team

The result is a structured written report, tailored to the specific search requirements, summarising the candidate’s signature strengths, and the positive difference they make when at their best, as well as their limitations and risks. The report will be supported by a full verbal debrief with the allocated psychologist, and all candidates are offered feedback with the consultant who conducted their assessment.

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That’s the idea, and the mission, behind everything we do.

KO Consulting

Executive Coaching

Research suggests that between 40-50% of leaders moving into new roles fail to perform at desired levels.  Coaching support has been shown to be the most effective way to enhance executive performance – particularly valuable in the initial phase of a new role and when facing change, increased demands or unfamiliar challenges.  KO Consulting’s team of Executive Coaches combine a psychological background with commercial experience and pragmatism. They can help your leaders to realise their potential through developing:

  • A safe space to step back from operational pressures and take fresh perspectives
  • Increased self-knowledge and insight, enabling more intentional leadership action
  • Reflective practices – key to thriving in novel and challenging situations
  • Tools to support leadership agility and effectiveness in delivering results
Executive Assessment and Coaching


To find out more about how KO Consulting can help you with your Executive Assessment & Development needs, please contact Kate Oliver on:

+44 (0)7968 799 846

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