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Market Mapping & Intelligence

Market leading businesses are increasingly asking us for detailed market intelligence to either help inform a current search or to understand the landscape as a foundation for a future search. These reports provide a comprehensive view of relevant talent, help focus the direction of a search, and can reveal ‘hidden gem’ executives. Whatever the question, we can help you find the answer.

Market Mapping & Intelligence

Detailed & Tailored Intelligence

We offer market intelligence reports and mapping as a stand-alone service, giving you a complete 360 degree view of relevant talent. This offering is tailored to your specific needs and requirements and can include:

  • Market compensation for a particular role

  • What technologies your competitors are implementing

  • Organisational design other companies are following

  • Where the best diversity candidates can be found

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Your Personal Guide

Our consultants have on average more than 15 years of search experience within each of their specialised areas, bringing unparalleled levels of expertise, credibility and trust among clients and candidates alike.

Access The Best

Major global search firms run thousands of searches a year, and as a result aren’t always able to approach who they want due to extensive client off-limit restrictions. Savannah combines the quality, agility and dedication of a boutique firm with the specialism and global capability of a larger search firm.

Top Tier Specialists

We focus exclusively on the most senior roles within our specialist areas, providing deep insights into your competitive landscape, and only approach who we consider to be in the top ten percent of global talent.

Immediate & Long Term Impact

We are one of the only firms to have a truly integrated search and interim offering, able to provide short term tactical and long term strategic hiring solutions. This provides clients access to the human capital resources they need right now, whatever maturity stage your business is in.

Market Mapping & Intelligence

Our Market Mapping Process

A partner works closely with you to shape the question and agree the target landscape. With the mapping parameters defined, our skilled researchers will then begin speaking to sources in confidence, drawing upon their own knowledge, and using our network to mine the market for information. Our findings are then presented to you in a bespoke report with as much detail as you require. Very often mapping and market intelligence engagements can provide an outstanding foundation for a search, which is based on genuine market insight.

Market Mapping & Intelligence

Complete Access

Our business is based on deep sector and functional expertise and knowledge. We spend our time talking to executives across sectors and are trusted with highly privileged information. Our Partners know and understand their markets inside out, positioning them uniquely with access to global networks, business intelligence and market insight.

When making decisions about how to structure your businesses, how to shape a specific role or whether the skills sought even exist in the wider market, we are able to bridge the gap and provide high quality digital research expertise with on the ground insight.

Market Mapping & Intelligence

Cross Sector Talent Mapping

There is fierce competition for the very best leaders. A big missed opportunity for many businesses wanting to gain an advantage through talent is to look outside of the obvious candidate pools. This cross-pollination of talent from other sectors can give you access to individuals that other firms have overlooked, and add greater diversity to your team.

Our non-linear thought process and approach to talent mapping is one of Savannah’s core capabilities, and once we understand what your ideal candidate looks like, we give you a complete 360 view of the best individuals for a role – wherever they are.

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